Clean Master Apk for Android Phone

Clean your Android device with the help of a clean master app. It is one of the popular leading cleaner App, optimizer, and security for Android device. Clean Master can keep your device clean and safe by cleaning cache and deleting junk files. It improves your device performance by boosting up your device with the help of the clean master application.

clean master apk

Clean Master is compatible with various types of Android devices. Based on 33 million reviews it has 4.7 rating in Google play store. This app has been downloaded over 600 million times worldwide.

What are the Reasons Behind the Popularity if this App named as Clean Master?

The newly updated Clean Master 5 has been designed to make it easier to use. The primary function of this app is to clean junk files from the devices and to the make devices virus free.

There are many more functions and features of this app that you would be amazed to see. Followings are some the features and duties of Clean Master app.

  • Cleaning up junk files: Clean Master finds and removes the waste files that are using up space of your device. It clears the unnecessary cache files to make your device bit smoother to use.
  • Memory Boost: You can boost up your device by freeing up the RAM of your device. Optimize and boost your device directly from your device home screen by tapping on the floating widget.
  • Antivirus: Clean Master automatically detects the viruses and keeps your device safe from the risk of viruses.
  • File Manager: Clean Master also identify the unwanted Apk files and allows you to delete the file thus freeing the memory of your device.
  • Notification Cleaner: Clean Master also enables you to avoid annoying notifications to show off on the notification toggle in your device.
  • App lock: it has the ability to protect the other apps and galleries by locking them down.
  • Charge Master: While charging your device, Clear Master will show you the estimated time of charging on your screen.

How to Download Clean Master app on your device

It is not that much hard to download the clean master. It can be downloaded and installed in any of your Android devices.

Followings are the steps to download this app In your Android device.

  • Open the playstore app from the device where you want this app to be installed.
  • Type Clean Master in the search box and click on the search button.
  • After that the list of many apps will be displayed, you have to look for the clean master app.
  • Click to open the main download page. There you will find a download button.
  • Now tap on download and wait for few minutes to complete downloading.
  • Once the download is complete, the app will automatically get installed on your device.

That’s it. You have now successfully downloaded this app on your device.

This is the best features of clean master apk; You can now enjoy the Clean Master App just by downloading on your device. I have been using these apps for the last couples of years and had the best experienced with it. I will highly recommend you to download this app and use on your device. For the latest apps update stay tuned with us.


Bass Booster & EQ Music Player Apps

A smartphone has dominated human race by its best features and we start depending on it for a different type of work. We do use our smartphone for multiple uses.

Android device music apps

Doesn’t matter for what purpose we buy our phone, some of us love to listen to songs on their device. Whenever we feel bored, we listen to music. It doesn’t matter in which mode are you, we all love to listen to music.

It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like music. If you do want to hear to good music, we need a good music player too. Though every smartphone comes with an inbuilt music player. We can’t customize or get all the features we need in that app.

For that reason, we need an additional music player in our smartphone.  Bass Booster &EQ music player is the only music player application that will fulfill all your demands and can give you an excellent experience of listening to music.

Features of Bass Booster & EQ music player  

Bass Booster &EQ music player is not an ordinary music player; it comes with many features. Which made it popular and different from the rest music players.

Here are some of the best features of Bass Booster and EQ music player.

  • You can browse and play the music from your mobile by searching them. Search songs based on album, artist, genre, song, playlist and folders.
  • The best thing about this app is, you will get more than 22 pre-set music tone options for the music you play, such as rock, pop, folk, jazz, heavy, hip hop, normal, classic, etc.
  • Customization option is there, means you can customize and manually adjust the equalizer.
  • This app comes with a very powerful bass amplifier.
  • Bass Booster &EQ music player supports lyric files, automatic scanning, and matching.
  • You can also set the sleep time in this app.
  • You can edit and rename the album and the artists.
  • You will be able to customize your playlist.
  • In this Bass Booster & EQ music player app, you can customize your playlist.
  • You can control your Bluetooth and headphones from this app.

How to download Bass Booster & EQ music player

You will get this Bass Booster &EQ music player app in Google Play Store itself as well as in third party site too. So to download this app you will need to open your Google Play Store on your Android device and then search your favorite songs from the source.

Once you get it, open the app and then tap on install. After tapping that, the app will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once it is installed and then you can open and use it by launching the app.

If you are planning to download from the third party, then you can search and download the APK file and then you can install the app by running the APK file on your Android device.


This is one of the best apps for listening latest songs on your device. Because the features you get in Bass Booster &EQ music player is unique comparing to other apps.  Moreover, this app comes with many preset Menu which you can edit too. Try this application on your device and enjoy its features. For latest apps, updates stay tune with us.

Best Browsers for Android Smartphones

The web browser is one of the most crucial parts for you to experience all about browsing on your Android device. It is imperative to choose the right browser while you know you will need to surf the internet efficiently. And it’s hard to choose the best one as there are thousands of apps available in the market now.

android browsers

We don’t want to get interrupted by ads and confusing graphics which gives us displeasure and discomfort. So, I have decided to share you list of some best Browsers for Android where you will get the comfort of surfing the internet on the go.  Check out the list below I hope you will like it.

Best browsers for Android Phone

The apps listed here are best of my knowledge and specially chosen after many hours of researchers and observation, especially based on popularity, ratings and user reviews.

#Chrome Browser:

Google Chrome is the top most best-rated browser for desktop. On the other hand, you will find that almost 90% of people are using the Chrome browser on their Android devices; there is no doubt about it. This android application named as chrome can give you the smoothest and faster surfing experience ever.

This app is specially designed by the Google and is available for free in the Google play store. This fantastic browser Application is also available for almost all the platforms including the iOS, Windows, and Mac and much more.  There is a countless number of benefits using these Chrome browser because of its outstanding features.

#UC browser:

The other most popular browsers are UC browser and are highly rated in Google playstore. Most of the users choose this browser for their smartphone, and presently I am using this application. The developer has designed UC web browser very well so that it gets updated according to the time.

UC browser provides the fastest downloading and browsing into it. It will also let you visit the websites in both desktop and mobile.

The UI is made straightforward and easy; there is a night mode which you can use while surfing in dim lights or at night. There is also some themes added, but there is nothing special only the colors of the browser interface will change. There are many more options given in the preferences setting which you can change according to your taste.

#Dolphin Browser:

Another popular web browser for Android device is Dolphin browser. This browser is excellent in browsing and it offers pretty good speed. The browser is liked by millions of people. It has successfully won the heart of its users by providing very good service and performances.


These are some of the best browsers for Android devices, which is available in the Google playstore for free. Download and install any of the listed apps and enjoy its features. Well, if you like what you have just read, comment in the box below. If you do have any thoughts in your mind regarding the apps let us know about it.


Android Fingerprint Passcode App

There was a time when people used to lock their phone keypad. Then came the touch screen phones, which you can lock either by drawing a pattern or by a combination of numbers. The main problem of this type of lock is not much secure, because once someone sees the pattern or know the number, then they can quickly access to your device and can access everything.

fingerprint passcode

Today’s generation we do keep everything in our smartphones. Then their rise a question how to protect it? To solve this problem, Biometric Solution came up with their latest new application fingerprint passcode. This app will give you a guarantee to protect everything, because if you use this app, only you will be able to unlock your phone.

What is Fingerprint Passcode?

Fingerprint passcode is nothing but an app which protects your phone data. Once you install this app in and lock your phone, then only you will be able to unlock your phone again. No other person can unlock it because the phone will scan your fingerprint and then only the phone will get unlock.

All your media files would stay secure even if you lost your phone. This app comes not only with fingerprint lock, but you can also use pattern and number lock both from this application.

Features of Fingerprint Passcode

Using the Fingerprint Passcode app you will get many features such as:

  • You can lock and unlock your phone using your finger print.
  • You can use coloring themes using Fingerprint Passcode.
  • You can lock your phone using pattern and number lock too from this app.
  • Only by using this app you will be able to lock your phone in two modes.
  • Fingerprint Passcode is a free app and available in Google play store.
  • Not only the home screen you can lock all your apps too using Fingerprint Passcode.

How to download Fingerprint Passcode

Downloading Fingerprint Passcode is very easy. You can download this app directly from Google play store as well as from third party too. To download this app from Google, Play Store you need to open the Google play store and then search Fingerprint Passcode in the search bar.

Once you see the app just tap it once and it will open. After opening it, you will see an install option. Tap there to download and install the app.  Once you tap the button, the downloading will start automatically, and the app will install on your device automatically.

Once the app is installed, you can use it by opening the app and can lock the things you want to. To download the APK file, you need to search it on the website and once you get it to download the APK file and then install it.


Fingerprint Passcode is an excellent app to lock all your apps and phone. If you are not satisfied with your default security, then you must install this app. The best thing about this app is you won’t be requiring an inbuilt finger scanning system in your phone because this app scans your fingerprint from the display itself. I recommend this app if you are concerned about your password.