Android Fingerprint Passcode App

There was a time when people used to lock their phone keypad. Then came the touch screen phones, which you can lock either by drawing a pattern or by a combination of numbers. The main problem of this type of lock is not much secure, because once someone sees the pattern or know the number, then they can quickly access to your device and can access everything.

fingerprint passcode

Today’s generation we do keep everything in our smartphones. Then their rise a question how to protect it? To solve this problem, Biometric Solution came up with their latest new application fingerprint passcode. This app will give you a guarantee to protect everything, because if you use this app, only you will be able to unlock your phone.

What is Fingerprint Passcode?

Fingerprint passcode is nothing but an app which protects your phone data. Once you install this app in and lock your phone, then only you will be able to unlock your phone again. No other person can unlock it because the phone will scan your fingerprint and then only the phone will get unlock.

All your media files would stay secure even if you lost your phone. This app comes not only with fingerprint lock, but you can also use pattern and number lock both from this application.

Features of Fingerprint Passcode

Using the Fingerprint Passcode app you will get many features such as:

  • You can lock and unlock your phone using your finger print.
  • You can use coloring themes using Fingerprint Passcode.
  • You can lock your phone using pattern and number lock too from this app.
  • Only by using this app you will be able to lock your phone in two modes.
  • Fingerprint Passcode is a free app and available in Google play store.
  • Not only the home screen you can lock all your apps too using Fingerprint Passcode.

How to download Fingerprint Passcode

Downloading Fingerprint Passcode is very easy. You can download this app directly from Google play store as well as from third party too. To download this app from Google, Play Store you need to open the Google play store and then search Fingerprint Passcode in the search bar.

Once you see the app just tap it once and it will open. After opening it, you will see an install option. Tap there to download and install the app.  Once you tap the button, the downloading will start automatically, and the app will install on your device automatically.

Once the app is installed, you can use it by opening the app and can lock the things you want to. To download the APK file, you need to search it on the website and once you get it to download the APK file and then install it.


Fingerprint Passcode is an excellent app to lock all your apps and phone. If you are not satisfied with your default security, then you must install this app. The best thing about this app is you won’t be requiring an inbuilt finger scanning system in your phone because this app scans your fingerprint from the display itself. I recommend this app if you are concerned about your password.

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