Bass Booster & EQ Music Player Apps

A smartphone has dominated human race by its best features and we start depending on it for a different type of work. We do use our smartphone for multiple uses.

Android device music apps

Doesn’t matter for what purpose we buy our phone, some of us love to listen to songs on their device. Whenever we feel bored, we listen to music. It doesn’t matter in which mode are you, we all love to listen to music.

It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t like music. If you do want to hear to good music, we need a good music player too. Though every smartphone comes with an inbuilt music player. We can’t customize or get all the features we need in that app.

For that reason, we need an additional music player in our smartphone.  Bass Booster &EQ music player is the only music player application that will fulfill all your demands and can give you an excellent experience of listening to music.

Features of Bass Booster & EQ music player  

Bass Booster &EQ music player is not an ordinary music player; it comes with many features. Which made it popular and different from the rest music players.

Here are some of the best features of Bass Booster and EQ music player.

  • You can browse and play the music from your mobile by searching them. Search songs based on album, artist, genre, song, playlist and folders.
  • The best thing about this app is, you will get more than 22 pre-set music tone options for the music you play, such as rock, pop, folk, jazz, heavy, hip hop, normal, classic, etc.
  • Customization option is there, means you can customize and manually adjust the equalizer.
  • This app comes with a very powerful bass amplifier.
  • Bass Booster &EQ music player supports lyric files, automatic scanning, and matching.
  • You can also set the sleep time in this app.
  • You can edit and rename the album and the artists.
  • You will be able to customize your playlist.
  • In this Bass Booster & EQ music player app, you can customize your playlist.
  • You can control your Bluetooth and headphones from this app.

How to download Bass Booster & EQ music player

You will get this Bass Booster &EQ music player app in Google Play Store itself as well as in third party site too. So to download this app you will need to open your Google Play Store on your Android device and then search your favorite songs from the source.

Once you get it, open the app and then tap on install. After tapping that, the app will be downloaded and installed automatically. Once it is installed and then you can open and use it by launching the app.

If you are planning to download from the third party, then you can search and download the APK file and then you can install the app by running the APK file on your Android device.


This is one of the best apps for listening latest songs on your device. Because the features you get in Bass Booster &EQ music player is unique comparing to other apps.  Moreover, this app comes with many preset Menu which you can edit too. Try this application on your device and enjoy its features. For latest apps, updates stay tune with us.